Empowering children to be curious, connected and courageous

Welcome to Highlighters

Helping Girls Develop Self-Worth and Resilience

Hi, I’m Maggie!

I’m a teacher, aunt, traveller, lifelong learner and creative. Highlighters was born out of my passion for teaching, something I’ve been doing for over 14 years. I have always been passionate about creating an empowering and nurturing experience for my students. More specifically, helping children create deeper connections with themselves, others and the world around them.

Today’s children face a multitude of challenges and many parents are looking for ways to support their personal development. Highlighters deliver fun and engaging workshops, providing an accredited toolkit of strategies, which help children, tweens and teens develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

In doing so, we can inspire in children a belief in their own potential to create positive change in their lives.

Maggie Purcell

Maggie Purcell


Qualified Teacher

What we do

Highlighters delivers a social and emotional learning program for girls aged between 5 and 15 years.

We run term-based programs in four different age categories, as well as holiday workshops.

Our aim is to inform, inspire and empower girls to build self-worth and develop resilience strategies to better prepare them for a successful and fulfilling life.

We do this by teaching them the competencies and skills they need to enhance self-regulation, emotional awareness and interpersonal skills.

Our programs offer the consistency of an ongoing approach, encouraging a community of support, connection and belonging for both children and parents.

Highlighters is specifically designed to help girls discover their inner strength and realise their potential. 

Term Programs

Highlighters Strong Little Ones

Strong Little Ones

(5-7 years)

STRONG Little Ones is a supportive, gentle, interactive and fun program designed to help young children feel strong from the inside out.

Highlighters Strong Juniors

Strong Juniors

(8-9 years)

STRONG Juniors is a supportive, fun, interactive and uplifting program designed to help children feel resilient and empowered.

Strong Tweens

(10-12 years)

STRONG Tweens is an empowering, supportive and uplifting program designed to help young people build confidence and resilience.

Strong Teens

(13-15 years)

STRONG Teens is an empowering, supportive and uplifting program designed to help teenagers build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.


The STRENGTH FROM WITHIN Workshops are fun and interactive evidence-based programs designed for girls ages 5 - 15 years. These special one-day events are designed to help girls feel more positive within themselves, more confident about themselves and stronger from the inside out.

How to build strong and lasting positive relationships with themselves and others
How self love and self respect are the keys to building inner strength
How to find and live by their own values to boost confidence and self esteem
How to build resilience through self-awareness and emotional intelligence
How relaxation and mindfulness exercises are essential for a healthy life

What Our Families are Saying

Thank you for being the best teacher in the whole world and helping me through some challenging times.

Ellie, 9 years old

You have a talent for facilitating authentic lessons, challenging and extending the girls no matter their level and they have had endless amounts of fun. You encouraged the girls to look inward, to love and celebrate who they are, as well as to look outward, to care for and consider others around them.

Mum of Alex, 10 years old

We all know Maggie to be an extremely passionate educator. Her interest in, and commitment to, her students is inspiring. Maggie takes time to get to know each student as an individual, and capably and skilfully tailors the learning to their individual needs. With the student at the heart of all her planning and practice, her warmth and natural rapport ensures she creates a positive and trusting environment in her classroom.

Mrs Rebecca Lennon, Head of Primary
Moreton Bay College

You are such an amazing teacher and I love that you always make learning fun. You have taught me so much and always put so much of your time into helping us learn. You never give up and encourage us to do the same. You are always being creative and helpful. Thank you so much for always being a happy and positive teacher.

Lila, 12 years old

You have provided such a safe and nurturing environment for Alicia to learn in. She has truly excelled in your care.

Mum of Alicia, 13 years old

As an educator, Maggie possesses an extremely perceptive grasp of pedagogy: how children learn; how they interact with one another and how they can be motivated. Her approach is gentle but nurturing and this allows children to feel comfortable in her presence and to take risks.

Giles Delaney, Headmaster, St Johns Beaumont

You always show empathy and compassion towards us. You are passionate about learning and help us to be passionate about it, too. You’ve helped me learn and grow in so many different areas, and generally helped me to become a better person.

Olivia, 13 years old

We have watched Pia grow up so much this year under your wonderful guidance. Thank you for the part you played in ensuring she continues to grow into a kind, friendly and gentle soul.

Mum of Pia, 10 years old

Maggie’s classroom is always well-organised, bright and interactive. She enabled the children to become more independent and focused as learners. Her planning and preparation was always thorough and thoughtful: she sought to match the teaching and learning to the needs of the individuals in her care.

Anthony Doudle, Head of School, St Matthias Primary School