About Us

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Highlighters is a licencee of Standing Strong® based in Brisbane’s Bayside. We run a unique program designed to nurture children’s curiosity, help them create deeper connections and live life with courage. We believe children are powerful learners, with an innate ability to develop and become more than they already are. For us, this means establishing meaningful relationships within a safe, uplifting environment where trust and empathy are valued.

It is from this foundation that children will be inspired and empowered to stretch and grow. At Highlighters, we provide a range of positive and engaging experiences that encourage children to have fun while constructing and acquiring knowledge and understanding. As an integral part of our program, we hope to foster critical thinking and reflection to encourage decision making, problem-solving and independence.

Through this, we can encourage a generation of well-adjusted individuals, who will create positive change in their lives and in our world.

Highlighters: Behind the Name

Picking up a highlighter can only mean one thing: we’ve got something important to work on!

Highlighters are such essential learning tools. They have a knack for making sure the right things are up in lights, without obscuring any important details.

Highlighters, as an initiative, is all about focusing on the important things in life, consistent improvement, flying high and finding light in learning! It’s a program for children to help them develop social and emotional skills…all while accentuating their wonderful personalities and their best qualities as human beings.

Choosing the name Highlighters for this business serves a constant reminder of the key values we try to achieve as both teachers and learners. This name truly emphasizes the passion behind what we do and why we do it.

We’re all Highlighters, really. Sometimes we just need a little help finding our shine.

Helping Girls Shine

helping girls shine

Being a girl in today’s world can have its challenges. Many children find themselves having to navigate an ever-increasing and demanding environment both real and virtual.

The adolescent journey from being a child to finally becoming an adult is confusing and bumpy. For girls, this time of transition is particularly daunting as they experience changes on all levels while living in a modern world full of messages about how girls are supposed to look and behave.

 Within a safe and supportive environment, we cover a range of topics to help them develop the tools they need to navigate this increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Topics Covered

Confidence & Self-esteem

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Resilience & Inner Strength

Stress & Worry

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Loneliness & Sadness

Self-belief & Empowered Thinking

Self-care & Self-love

Growth Mindset & Motivation

Connection & Belonging

Meet Maggie

As a teacher, I have marvelled at how incredibly caring, committed and creative children can be. I have also seen many of them contend with a barrage of challenges…

What I’ve learnt from teaching these fourteen years is that children are struggling with anxiety, friendships, self-doubt, loneliness, social pressures, overscheduling, overthinking and stress to name a few. While we recognise that some issues are not new, and some are a ‘normal’ part of developing a sense of identity, technology and electronic media has undeniably amplified the struggles children face today.

Through self-discovery and personal development, we can learn to adapt the way we respond when faced with adversity. For myself, this has been – and continues to be – a journey that takes time and persistence. That’s all very well for someone with life experience, but it is not reasonable to expect children to be able to do this independently. We must give ourselves AND our children permission to be works-in-progress. And then actually do the work.

There is a growing and collective awareness for the need to teach the competencies and skills for life, early and effectively. As sponges for learning, this is the best time to tap into children’s potential. I believe it is important to intentionally and explicitly teach children how to develop emotional awareness, self-regulation and interpersonal skills to help them navigate the obstacles they will encounter as they grow. These preventative and proactive strategies give children a solid foundation to return to when their world starts to feel wobbly or feel out of control.

While we can’t possibly protect children from the changes and challenges life brings (and nor should we), we can support them in developing strength of character. I strongly believe that learning is inextricably linked to connection, context and creativity. Therefore, the relationships I establish and the environment I create must serve to be a positive extension of our children’s world, where they will be inspired to become more than they already are. Through this, we can encourage a generation of well-adjusted individuals who will connect with the world in a way where they can make a positive impact in their communities.

Maggie Purcell
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